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October 22 2017

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then again

the more things change….

The people making these memes obviously have never seen some of the weird ass shit in old-timey photos. A quick Google and:

Humans are basically a giant jumble of weirdos that try to belittle other weirdos…

That’s the most accurate and poignant description of human nature I’ve ever read

humanity has been shitposting since the very birth of photography, probably even earlier

“probably even earlier”

True shitposts, made by artisans, filled with blood, sweat, tears, and the dankest memes of early man.

Snemons, or snail demons.

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This is the most useless fucking map I’ve ever seen and I love it. I want to print it out and put it on my wall. 

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The one video on your obscure tech problem that actually fixes it starter pack
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October 21 2017

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October 20 2017

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October 19 2017

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NIEMAND sollte 40 Stunden die Woche arbeiten müssen!
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October 18 2017

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